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Edit your photos with one click…

Make Your Travel Photos POP
With Taylor’s Lightroom Presets

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Mimic film photography with a digital camera


Keep your edits light and highlight natural colors.

San Francisco

Nail the cinematic look by enhancing blues and oranges.


Pop the highlights and suppress the shadows.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much do the Presets cost?

At regular price, the presets cost $20.00 US dollars. On occassion, they’ll be on sale for 30% off. Lowering the price to $14.00 US dollars.

2. What is Adobe Lightroom?

Lightroom is a professional photo-editing platform. It’s used by creatives of all skill level. Lightroom was made by Adobe and works in tandem with Photoshop, or as a substitute. They share similar tools but have very different layouts. Like most Adobe products, Lightroom has a very big learning curve. These Presets are designed to make your photo editing process much easier.

3. What is a Lightroom Preset?

A Lightroom Preset can be thought of as a template. A Preset holds specific edits that can be applied to multiple photos with one single click. After the preset is applied, edits and adjustments can still be made. Photographers create and sell their own presets to help other photographers understand how they edit their photos.

4. How many Presets come with the bundle?

In this bundle, you will find 8 presets in total. Two variations of each preset above. Personally, I really like the film look – I’ve found this can be achieved by adding grain. I’ve created a base version of each (without grain) as well as a version with grain. This makes my workflow easier and editing in bulk much quicker.

5. What makes your Presets different than other photographers?

My presets were inspired by the places I traveled to. In June of 2018, I took a road trip across the west coast. These presets were made entirely on that road trip, and were named directly after the places that inspired them.

6. How do you install the Presets?

Once you purchase this preset pack, you will be redirected to download them. I will also you an e-mail with a zipped file. You’ll want to download it to your computer and unzip it. At the time of this writing, there are two versions of the Presets. The first is .XMP, this is the most up-to-date Preset File extension. It will only work if your Lightroom is newer than version 7.3+ if your version is below 7.3, you will need the .lrtemplate version of the presets.

7. I’m unhappy with the Presets, can I get a refund?

Only 50% of the purchase price will be refunded. The other 50% of the purchase will be refunded based on the severity of the reason, or on a case by case bases.

8. What’s the optimal lighting to have for these presets to do best?

These Lightroom presets will work well in all lighting situations. I’ve perfected these presets to work even in both over-exposed, harsh light and overcast soft light. But the best lighting situation for these presets is during blue-hour for better results. Or gold hour for the absolute best results.

9. What format do you shoot?

I shoot JPEG with the CANON color logs. They should still work just fine.