Photographer, Digital Marketer, Fine Artist

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Hey there, I’m Taylor!

When I was 18 years old, I sold $10,000 worth of my own artwork. It was a massive feat for someone still in High school. Shortly after, I found out Google featured one of my paintings when searching for the term “art”.

At 19, I helped found a jewelry start-up. It became a six-figure lifestyle business within the first six months. I worked as the photographer and managed our operations. I’ve launched multiple ventures since then.

On the side, I build websites and automate tasks for small businesses. All while working on building my brand as a photographer, videographer, and as a fine artist. I’ve built a lifestyle that’s engulfed in this technical revolution.

This website is here to share my experiences, my work, and the things I’ve learned on my path to get where I am. In hopes that one day, the things I share will help someone somewhere.


With such little time to explore and adventure, I hate to think most of our time is spent behind a desk.
I’ve written a guide with 37 travel hacks to help others save time and money.

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